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the smoke skyline (The Odaw River)


River bodies by nature are a beauty to reflect on; and that exception is the Odaw River to Accra. This “Central Water of Accra” had had its sacredness help kept it natural significance from time of old. And it deserves that in the current Accra metropolis city status. Literal, its natural landscape has still been in its river bed as the city of Accra grows to surround it. Whiles, its tributaries fetch a big part of the Accra population to have direct contact with the River. Its tributaries have seen a significant change and, more is to come for good humidity.  In any turn, the River stands contemporary. It spread outs attest to the put ups, life influences and job creations.


The north to south length of River Odaw goes for the longitudinal stretch of city Accra. This is the put ups that gives the River source from the Mamanaa in Boi, an area part of the surrounding foothills to the Adjagohetie (known as Boi Top). This said hill is the Accra highest hill well marked with a Ghana Broadcasting Corp, (G.B.C) communication tower. Joined by creek from Abokobi the river path in these areas is in fragments a struggle down flow to Ablajei to take continuous flow through, Ashonman, Agbogba and Oko areas. The imposition is the private developments conflicting with the allotted natural path. For its bridges excluding river banks that are cement built, these works lack flood resistant objectives. The foot-bridges are unsafe and foot crossing is an options in areas.


Footbridge serving communities in an area where the Odaw River is called Onyasia

Still on these parts, Onyasia is the name of the River, the difference signifies how original settlers had cultured distantly from each other, notwithstanding the same tongue that linked them.

Further, the River identifies the Achimota, Tesano and Alajo settlers. Those include the tributary flowing from East Legon through Kotobabi to join the River in Alajo on the bridge in Caprice  (the most used road link of the River). The increased water volume goes down by North Industrial Area, the manufacturing centre that does not only produce greater part of national poly products, but 90% manufactures at hand are poly maker.

From here the River meets another tributary from the Accra International Airport that comes through Mamobi. This merge is right after the Odaw bridge at Accra- Circle (on the Ring Road Central), through smaller entry point compared to the big walls on this tributary. However, the flood report instrument is next on the south.

The River in erect walls without guardrail from the Achimata town continues downstream through South Industrial Area; and ends at the beginning of the River meandering lands in Agbogbloshie. Onward, the River extends to meet the Atlantic Ocean with the fight to create natural banks in the mist of dumped dredged silted and junks (home / industrial garbage). Interest enough, this heaps is now a man-made ridge taking a good form on banks next to the Korle-Bu road (Ring Road West) in the Agbogbloshie area. Though, the content of the hill can be called for questions. Yet, the serene of a valley to the River gentle flow is great and cool to have for a basin and only basin to the river. And it reflects inherently that the natural can be claim.

The struggle is harder in the Korle lagoon located between the Odaw River Barrier (the frontier) and the Korle Bu Bridge. The frontier steel gates are damaged and are left to rust as rubbish takes peak. It is constructed just in front of the River and its last tributary coming from the central railways lands (Aayalolo Bridge services this tributary). The project is one of the two techno on River; the other is the flood report instrument. The bridge over the Odaw River on the Old Winniba Road (linking James Town and Chorkor) marks the ocean and the River’s delta; the exposure cannot be better.


Odaw River is as old as the earth evolution in rain falls. The winds that gather on Africa side of the Atlantic Ocean are the hurricane in the Americas. The reverse journey will not be anything impossible. Therefore, it is for Accra in Ghana to be in tune with water bodies like the Odaw River. It help the adjustment and experience needs against same wave length.  For that matter, life influence of the Odaw is no other than the option of making it a Greenbelt zone to a city that has lost such an essential.

Verily, the river help cool the city of high temperatures. It is a breeze too good as cooling substance of pure water (plastic bottled or sachet). Yet, the pure water an essential biologic substance has it price ill set. Whiles, gentle wind is but less mentioned, due to low river watchers. Like the absences of orderly constructions like skyscrapers and lanes. This absences have left only two tall buildings standing out on the river banks to be the Ghana Telecom (Vodafone) and the building across the River from Beyeeman Freezing Company. The River’s visibility is also lost to any boat navigation. The low bridges on this said River linking the city from east to west makes that far from reality. Even, the Odaw River Barrier on the southern end cannot say different just like its normal low volume of the water.

Like city, the structures on rivers draw out are deciding the perimeters and content of the rivers. However interaction with Odaw River has got the character of adamant to greenhouse sentiments. These bring up the effluence discharges by residents and business. Talking about non bio-degradable substances in liquid and none liquid forms. They are common view in the drains. The city drains are not covered; any covered part explains the need of road or lane. Their shallowness in structure is shaped to head for the Odaw River. The poly product is a common waste object in all the drains; this reality convey how visible waste substances continue to be uncontrollable. Then, what could be said to the other mysteries. Nonetheless, the state of the River is signaling depletions using creatures like the birds on the lagoon and fishing activities; as this relative is natural.

The Agbogbloshie (Old Fadama) locality position as downstream takes the blunt of the flowing waste in the River. Despite, the waste dumping site in the same field had long ceased. But, the waste from the Agbogbloshie market goes no further from this place including dredge silt from all parts of the River.  The land between the last tributary and River flood gauge instrument is the busiest not the biggest market place in the nation. It cites few industries like bottling companies like Pepsi Cola and Accra Brewery. Food for thought will be right on safe flow saved life.


Generally, anything from the River is a collectible item (silt, scraps, poly waste etc.).  This measured intent is based on basic recycling work on the margin. Consequently, small-scale job creations are the need and occupation that has engaged working age persons on River banks in Agbogbloshie.

Still self-employment is the business crowd on this River joints. The out of control points on River led to rubbish dumping and attracted the initial collectors onto current businesses. Nationally, pure water is the most used product. However, plastics are collectible, but pure water sachet is a particular waste very much absent on Agbogbloshie waste dump fields. Collectible practice is now taking place from street to street across the nation. The routine had helped implemented the ban on dumping going on the River banks. The reverse on zero work benefits to the collectors and their likes is a better to have.

Like the excavated silt which is a building material on demand; scrape demand have extend to how to identify and extract metal from coated-metals. The approaches used on scrape are not taught in formal classrooms. Hence, the skyline in Agbogbloshie has smoke from the fires set to melt items for its metal component. Whichever, problem is the job maker; the reality is what the Odaw have long lean on Accra?


The Odaw River from Bio G.B.C. tower to the smoke skyline in the south makes the River central to Accra. The upstream has natural boundaries battering with private constructions. Whiles, the middle stream is kept within walls of different shapes and sizes. The downstream reveals no walls, but a waste pour and recycles hurdles confronting the city.

Verily, the river helps cool the city of high temperatures and it is a breeze lost to many. The low river watchers is life influences. The effects gives no mentioning of the River as Greenbelt zone to a city that has lost such an essential.

Though, the smoke skyline is primitive to Eco schemes. Modernization is jobs, the reason to a city cycle option.

It is no wonder that the Odaw River, the natural gift to Accra for affluence is adrift.


Generally, to make the River an Eco compatible is the best cannot wait. Great opportunity is the engagement material that the Odaw River layouts offer. Of which, the Eco efforts to the River relenting is no less; and it is a job too good to go round. And fulfill what Job intends on give and take, the cycle ever held.

So far, the call is for poly waste in any form to attract good collectible business measures. That include the pension scheme must cover the mass small-scale job workers on the River path. At least, the toll paid daily can be converted into a social security.

Very well, the River quality must be made match its natural and recycled water sources.  It is a manner that initiate drains with direct contact with the River to undergo diversion for decontamination. With the exception of the River, all drains must be out of sight, but are ensure with all forms of drainage controls. It is no mega but an important approach to a city drainage system.

Additional job creations without resorting to Einstein ideal will be the crowd watchers approach. Where there will be drastic numbers of the River-view users and residents. Garden lanes along the River banks are too good a facilitator. Least, the walk or cycling to and fro on daily routine will be enough body exercising, to keep in line with the current futurist Circle bridge. To make the River navigable is no cost by adherence of good water levels; it brings in river commuters and tourism.  Skyscrapers architect settings alone the River is an intent settlement to pick. It is a help that must ease the housing deficit and the problem that result to slums. Together, planned communities is a watch too well to help desist any adverse to the River. Verily, river breeze in tropic conditions is second to none, hence diverse viewers.


Economy less Pension ( Disarray labour).

“It is no longer just about exports. Imports are essential to export. It is no longer just about ‘them’. It is about ‘us””.  (WTO NEWS: SPEECHES — DG PASCAL LAMY – 19 September 2012)”

Introduction: Start the pension economy going for all age; it is about us. As sole trading serve as the simplest employment path and possibly a life time work for many individuals.  Its’ toll paying system must calibrate towards a pension plan. The sole trader summary on factors lettered “DARS” express as:

Definition (D): In academic materials including the law, they recognize the Sole Trader from its form of registration. Circumstantially, either it is registered or not, in Africa,

Kaneshie Complex Market

The Kaneshie Complex Market lorry park. Arrange toll paid by each public transport for a day is about 2-4 USA dallars. None of them is on pension scheme, but have this trade for life time job. It is fact known to the government

the Sole Trading practitioner takes its recognition from the toll they contribute. And, if toll can be obtained, a figure can be put on it rightly. Though, this tall is closed, reality has not stop this business model from attracting and maintaining all able age with young adults out numbering all others. This sector and its alarming numbers never cease rising. Indeed, it has been left unaided to become disarray labour (insecure labour) in jobs like drivers, paddlers, traders in market place etc.

Activity (A): Their skillful operations allows an average peddler to consider a gift of 3 U.S.A. dollars as a capital. And, diversely the practice is to move any portable item from the shelves to able hands on the streets and lanes for prompt sale. Initiate on reaching the targeted customer from the street nearby gives them great experience with customers. Growth is hopeful, as a peddler progress to join in the street stalls or kiosk. For that reason, this drove has become confident and competitive as they emerge on all principal streets and residences areas in the cities and towns. Therefore, practicing entrepreneurs they have develop; one could say. And, booming trade on-hold it had become to a society gripping for good work facilities in a vulnerable employment environment.

Reason(R): Where, economics is employment, the reverse is just right to make limelight out of customer creations. The routine for employment route or another income is in this manner of self-employ that is conventionally not tie to pension security. Its crowd numbers does not discourage starters. The cushion in this mass trade practice confers “ready to work individuals” awaiting to be tapped in an organized form resourcefully. It is a best pro to employment status that needs to present “about us”,

Security (S): Underneath, the statues of national saving like pension plan is a national obligation. Which, it must be made to have a national incentive approach. The economy less pension is depict in:

  • Social Security National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Ghana website is stating 1.5 million members in an economy holding a population of 24 million on Ghana
  • The toll paying peddlers in activate business on the pavement to the two biggest investment bank (NIB) and pension office (SSNIT) in Ghana. These giant national
    boom trader

    The toll payers peddlers in activate business on the pavement in front of the biggest investment bank and Social Security National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) office both in Ghana. They do not have facilities from this giant national firms.

    firms deserve to include these peddlers in their good books. Statistical Services website.

  • Regardless, the Toll bylaws do not have the identity of these traders, nor is there any text for any form of legislation recognition.
  • Example, the primary farmer like the cocoa farmers are not on national pension security and many more.

Resolve, economic measure on the toll from these traders, though fragment; yet the constant collection signifies an effective income to the state. Hence, the “every little helps” concept must make the sole trader point of contact in the toll collection a figure that should not go unregistered.

It is a premise that will allow toll receipt to identify the payers as individual working age person for national provisions. And it could not be elsewhere, the recognition at this stage must necessitate percentage of the toll into a pension security; best line to push in trade development.

kaneshie 1
The biggest and first complex market in Ghana. It have over 10,000 sitting tenants, with no social security for the years they have been here.